Are you constantly worried?  Do you consistently think that something bad may happen? Do you worry about how much you worry?  Do you avoid social situations, avoid highways, or simply avoid people?  Or maybe you are someone who avoids jobs that require you to speak publicly, not because you aren’t capable, but because the thought of standing in front of a crowd of people is so overwhelming that it causes your heart rate to elevate and sweat to drip from your forehead.  Or maybe you have this constant feeling of nervousness, a sense of impending danger, rapid breathing, an elevated heart rate and a carousel of thoughts that never seem to end.  Well, you may be dealing with the most common mental illness that is plaguing the western hemisphere today.  You are grappling with anxiety. Anxiety is this feeling of constant worry.  It is paralyzing.  It is burdensome.  But most importantly, it is treatable. Using therapy, medications, and some behavioral interventions, your anxiety can be remedied and brought down significantly.

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