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At AMP Mental Health in Miami, FL, we recognize the unique challenges and strengths that come with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and are dedicated to providing personalized, effective care designed to meet the specific needs of each individual. Our experienced team of mental health professionals utilizes a comprehensive approach to treatment, combining evidence-based therapies with practical strategies to help manage symptoms, improve focus, and enhance overall well-being.

About aDHD

What is ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects both children and adults. Individuals with ADHD typically struggle with inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity, which can significantly impact their daily life and functioning.

ADHD can also cause problems with executive functioning, such as planning, prioritizing, and initiating tasks. These difficulties can lead to problems in academic, occupational, and social settings.

While the exact causes of ADHD are unknown, research suggests that genetics, brain chemistry, and environmental factors may play a role in the development of the disorder. However, ADHD is treatable through a combination of medication, therapy, and lifestyle change.

Understanding the SIGNS

What Are The Symptoms?

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) encompasses three primary subtypes: Inattentive, Hyperactive-Impulsive, and Combined, each reflecting the diverse manifestations of ADHD in individuals.

In the past, the distinctions between ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD were made based on whether inattention or hyperactivity-impulsivity were more prominent. Today, we acknowledge that individuals often exhibit a mix of both sets of symptoms, leading to a more nuanced understanding of the condition.

Inattentive type/ Inattentive symptoms

Typically, this presents as mental hyperactivity or internal restlessness, which might not be immediately apparent to others. The individual might struggle with maintaining attention on tasks, keeping focused, and organizing activities, with these challenges stemming not from defiance or misunderstanding, but from the condition itself.

Hyperactive Type/ Hyperactivity

This term often refers to the physical expressions of ADHD symptoms, indicating that an individual might frequently move or fidget excessively, even in situations where such behavior is considered inappropriate. For adults, this hyperactivity could manifest as significant restlessness or excessive talking.

Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria

Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria (RSD) is characterized by a profound emotional reaction to actual or perceived criticism, rejection, or failure. In people with ADHD, RSD can intensify their emotional responses to social situations, causing extreme distress, shame, and pain. Situations that might seem like minor setbacks to some can evoke intense, distressing experiences for individuals with RSD, resulting in deep emotional turmoil that may not be visibly apparent.

Extreme Sensitivity:

Even mild criticism or perceived disapproval can trigger an intense emotional reaction, causing individuals to feel deeply hurt or demoralized.

Heightened Emotional Reactivity:

Emotions like anger, sadness, or anxiety may surge rapidly and intensely in response to perceived rejection, sometimes leading to outbursts.

Avoidance Behaviors:

The fear of experiencing rejection or criticism might prompt avoidance of situations, leading to social withdrawal or isolation.

Negative Self-Perception:

RSD can foster negative self-talk and undermine self-esteem, perpetuating a cycle of self-doubt and self-criticism.

Treatment Solutions

Focused Pathways

Initiating ADHD treatment begins with a comprehensive evaluation and precise diagnosis. Our skilled clinicians will collaborate closely with you or your loved one to examine the symptoms, collect pertinent historical information, and employ diagnostic techniques to verify the presence of ADHD. Ensuring an accurate diagnosis is critical for developing a treatment plan customized to meet your individual requirements.

Behavioral Therapy:

We offer behavioral interventions that focus on skill-building, time management, and organization to help individuals manage their symptoms effectively.

Pharmacotherapy/ Medication for ADHD:

For those who may benefit from medication, our team will provide comprehensive evaluations and work closely with clients to find the right medication and dosage. We offer a variety of ADHD medications, including stimulants and non-stimulants, tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Counseling and Psychoeducation:

Individual and family counseling can be essential in addressing the emotional and psychological aspects of ADHD. We also provide psychoeducation to equip individuals and families with a better understanding of ADHD and strategies for coping.

Lifestyle and Environmental Modifications:

We help clients implement practical changes in their daily lives to create an environment that supports their unique needs.


Age Doesn't Matter

ADHD knows no age boundaries. From children and adolescents to adults contending with ADHD, our team offers targeted, age-specific support. We recognize the unique challenges faced by each age group and accordingly customize our treatment approaches. At AMP Mental Health, we champion a collaborative approach as the cornerstone of effective treatment. By working in close partnership with our clients, their families, and any involved professionals—like teachers or healthcare providers—we ensure a comprehensive and unified strategy for managing and treating ADHD. This collaborative effort underpins our holistic and thorough approach, paving the way for meaningful progress and success.

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