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Sandra Calzadilla

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

About Sandra Calzadilla, LMHC

My career started 18 years ago when I graduated with my Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. The last year of graduate school I completed a practicum at a sexual assault treatment center for victims and non-offending family members. Shortly after graduating I moved to Massachusetts where I joined the trauma team at a community mental health agency in one of the most under served areas in the state. My primary focus was to provide a safe environment for clients to process their traumas so that they could again feel in control of their lives and empowered to set and attain their personal goals.

My work in trauma led me to understand that traumatic experiences can influence areas of our lives, that if left untreated, can affect people’s confidence and prevent them from living their best lives. I continued to work in the community mental health setting helping clients both young and old overcome their traumas. After a successful year of private practice in Massachusetts I decided to take all of the skills I learned in my time up North and decided it was time to bring those skills home to Florida. I worked for 5 years as an Assessment Specialist for a local community mental health agency, I assessed clients entering treatment, provided diagnoses and initial treatment goals before handing the cases off to their assigned therapists.

My training continued as I sought to round out my experience in Administration and for the last four years I was the Intake Manager for a local hospital’s Behavioral Health unit. This allowed me to better understand the experiences clients with more severe mental health issues face when they require emergency mental health intervention and stabilization.

I continue to work with individuals and couples in addressing depression, anxiety and a multitude of other symptoms with my base focus on trauma, utilizing motivational interviewing techniques, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Mindfulness while continuing my education so that I can continue to evolve both personally and professionally.

I look forward to speaking with you soon, and hope you joining the AMP Mental Health Family.

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