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Mindfullness Journaling

One of the most used techniques to significantly improve our mental health is to have our own journal. Yes, just as you read it, our intimate and personal journal as we have seen so much in the movies. Although sometimes it may seem a bit corny and childish, the reality is that carrying out a journal has more benefits for our mental health than we think:

  1. It allows you to take the time to reflect on your actions, what you want to improve and what things you want to applaud yourself for.
  2. It allows you to clarify ideas through the writing process
  3. It is a way to drain your emotions, helping you to release energy in a different way than negative and hurtful words.
  4. It strengthens your personal growth, helping you identify the next steps in your life.

Now, knowing the benefits of keeping a journal is important, but what you must be asking yourself now is, how do I do it correctly?

First you should know that there are several types of diary:

  • Morning pages
  • Self reflection journal
  • Gratitude journal
  • Stress Journal
  • Positive affirmations journal

The first thing you should know is that there is not only one way to manage your journal. This space is for you so take advantage of it in the way that you feel most comfortable with. However you could follow these steps if you feel they work for you:

  1. You can start your mornings by writing down three things that you feel grateful for each day, they don’t have to be big things, they can be things that you might consider “normal”, for example your house, food or your job, but if you analyze them well they are actually very important aspects of your life
  2. At night you can write down three things that were relevant during your day. Relevant to you in some way, either positive or negative, and why they were important.
  3. Write all those things you read or heard during the day with which you felt identified. For example, you heard a quote on a TV show and you thought it was inspirational… write it down.
  4. Fill your journal with positive phrases about yourself. Perhaps the first few times you feel a little uncomfortable doing it, but we assure you that over time these phrases will have an incredible impact on your mental health.

There are too many techniques to feel good about yourself and you can start with this option that is simple, requires little time and its results are impressive.

Seeking mental healthcare can be challenging. AMP can empower you to find the solutions you’re seeking.

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