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Are We All A Little Crazy?

People like to say “we are all a little crazy” as a justification for them being open about the need for mental health treatment. Or it’s a statement to show how progressive one is in understanding that we all have mental health issues. But I, personally, want to eliminate the word “crazy”. How about “we’ve all experienced trauma”, “many of us are carrying around unresolved trauma”, or to make it a little more palatable “we go through some fucked up things in life that we compartmentalize without realizing how those unresolved issues shape our responses and behavior in our future.

As for me, I’m not “crazy”, I’m human. I’ve had my dark moments. I’ve felt overwhelming anxiety. I’ve lived through desperation and despair. I’ve seen unexpected death. Heartbreak has consumed me. I know what it’s like when thoughts spin in your head as you lay down at night. Insomnia. Panic. Grief. Depression. To remedy those issues… I have sought therapy when I was confused. Fitness is part of my life. I use my support system. I have prayed. I have meditated. I have done breath work. I’ve found productive things to do with energy that could have otherwise been destructive. This is all part of mental health. If you read this and say “poor guy, he’s been through a lot”. My friend, we have all been through a lot. We aren’t crazy. We are simply human.

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